Small batch gelato and sorbetto, made in-house everyday in #DTLA


Gelateria Uli was founded by Uli Nasibova in Downtown Los Angeles. Our gelato and sorbet is made fresh daily in our kitchen in the Spring Arcade building in the heart of Downtown's historic core neighborhood. We serve fine drip coffee and espresso drinks, along with an array of fresh pastries. Every day our case is stocked with popular flavors like Pistachio, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Stracciatella, European Yogurt and Chocolate sorbet, along with rotating favorites including Poblano, Maple Pecan, Coconut Lemongrass, Saffron and summer stone fruit sorbets. Don't see a flavor you're craving, or just have a good idea for something new? Suggest a flavor, and we might give you a free pint.

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    Life & Thyme (& gelato)


    Too many people are broadcasting content about food. There, I said it. The power that the internet gives us is immense, it is growing, and it is a gift to humanity. But just because you can publish a photo, or an essay, or a restaurant review, doesn't mean you should. There's just too much noise. Too much content without soul, or sincerity. In a crowded landscape of people using food-related content to get attention for themselves, one voice jumped out at me about two years ago - a humble online-only publication called Life & Thyme.

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    A Sweet Tribute to our Neighbor: Guisados


    Armando De La Torre Jr. of Guisados, left, helped us craft two new flavors, jamaica-mint sorbetto and horchata gelato.

    Our Spring Arcade neighbors Guisados are a daily inspiration. Their tacos are legend. Their people, like their fresh tortillas, are always warm. The owners, the De La Torres, are a family with their hearts square in the right place.

    We’ve been waiting to tribute these fine neighbors, and the time has come. Father and son, Armando and Armando De La Torre Jr., worked with me to fine-tune two new flavors: horchata gelato and jamaica-mint sorbetto. Count me among the Guisados fans that consider their horchata the best in the city (and if you haven’t yet had it spiked with Stumptown cold brew, you’re in for a treat). I can’t reveal any secrets – theirs or ours – but the gelato is made from a reduction of sweetened rice milk, with cinnamon and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg. We kept a little bit of the rice grain in the gelato for a bit of texture.

    Next, we were inspired by Guisado’s jamaica agua fresca. 

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    'The old downtown Spring Arcade Building houses one of the best gelato shop in Los Angeles. All the gelato are made in house with premium ingredients. Their Pistachio was smooth and buttery with a great contrast of rich nuttiness to it. I believe they used Sicilian pistachio nuts. The Strawberry Sorbet was clean and refreshing. This particular flavor is definitely something perfect to have after a heavy meal, almost as a palette cleanser.

    Gelato is similar but different from ice cream in that it has both less fat and air – whipped into its final product. Because of this it is typically served at a slightly warmer temperature. This also make Gelato more palette-able on the tongue, less shocking. It will melt and dissolve in your mouth.

    In an area of downtown Los Angeles that is being revitalized, Gelateria Uli is a great addition to draw the crowds. Their premium gelato is executed with great attention and care, I would definitely come back for more.' More pictures at

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    New Flavor: Olive oil with black pepper and lemon


    Olive oil is one of those ingredients that has crept its way toward popularity as an ice cream flavor. You'll see it on the menus of inventive ice cream joints. Often, we found that the flavor of the olive oil gets buried. So when working on this flavor, we knew we couldn't skimp on the olive oil. It wasn't enough for the gelato to remind us of olive oil. It had to punch us in the face with flavor. After a couple of weeks in the lab, I think we nailed it.

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    Beer Gelato


    We love beer, almost as much as we love gelato. Why not marry the two? That's what we're doing this weekend, in collaboration with a fantastic brewery from San Francisco, Almanac Beer Company, and in honor of LA Beer Week.

    Starting today, until supplies last (very limited, folks), you can sample three new flavors in our case. Almanac's IPA is infused in a new gelato. We tried to honor the beer's hoppiness and fruitness in the context of a creamy gelato. It's got some bite to it, but we rounded it out with some really good honey.

    Then there's the Heirloom Pumpkin, one of Almanac's amazing barrel-aged beers. We infused our recipe for pumpkin gelato with the Barleywine-style ale - we hope you'll dig the pairing as much as we do. For all the dairy-free homies in the house, we also made a lemony, beer-y sorbet featuring Almanac's Farmer's Reserve Citrus. The beer is aged in wine barrels with tart Bergamot oranges and citrons. 

    Stop by and try one, or if you try all three - gelato flight, y'all - get 15% off. Check out Almanac at @almanacbeer. 

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    LA Times - 5 Wacky Ice Cream Flavors to Try Now: Beet Tarragon Gelato, Anyone?


                                                                                                                                                                                   photo by Betty Hallock

    By Steph Cha - Beet tarragon gelato at Gelateria Uli: Beets have such nice color it’s kind of a wonder they aren’t more present in ice cream. It’s possible that despite their sweetness, their rooty, earthy flavor doesn’t translate that well into dessert. Well, Uli figured it out. I’m not sure what black magic takes beet and tarragon and makes it wonderful as gelato, but this stuff is both memorable and delicious. 541 S. Spring St., Suite 104, Los Angeles, (213) 900-4717, Full story.

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    PRESS: The 13 Best Artisan Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

    Thrillist article:


    "This recently opened Downtown joint slings gelato so smooth and creamy, it could pass for ice cream... so we're gonna let it. They’ve got all the classic gelato profiles -- dark chocolate, pistachio, stracciatella -- plus a cinnamon-y speculoos flavor that comes with a satisfying cookie crunch."

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    PRESS: CBS - Best gelato in Los Angeles


    The décor of Gelateria Uli may seem a bit minimalist for a café, but the gelato is full of rich flavor. This spot only offers 16 flavors at a time with the staples always included in the rotation. Gelateria Uli boasts of unique flavors like bee pollen, coconut lemongrass, basil and olive oil and other adventurous flavors in the works. It is constantly looking to expand the flavor boundaries and is requesting suggestions from customers. If your suggestion actually tastes good and Gelateria Uli uses it, you’ll get a free pint of it.

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    New Flavor: Watermelon Sorbet


    Is there any fruit more synonymous with hot summer days than watermelon? We've been getting some plump watermelons from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market recently, and the results have been pretty darned good. We add a health splash of extra citrus to the watermelon to bring out the watermelon flavor (citrus is sort of like salt in the way that it can bring out the unique flavor of other fruits). Several people lately have been pairing the watermelon with basil gelato. Tastes like summer.

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    CNN Eatocracy - The Country's Coolest New Ice Cream Shops


    Food & Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader compiled a list of the best new ice cream joints in the US. We're honored to have been included, and to rep L.A. Here's what she wrote:

    "In the gorgeous 1920s Spring Arcade Building in downtown L.A., this new gelateria serves 16 rotating flavors daily with options that tend toward the inspired like the shortbread cookie–flavored Speculoos and Coconut Lemongrass. You can check out a more complete list on their website, which is also the place to request a flavor you’d love to see them make."

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