A Sweet Tribute to our Neighbor: Guisados


Armando De La Torre Jr. of Guisados, left, helped us craft two new flavors, jamaica-mint sorbetto and horchata gelato.

Our Spring Arcade neighbors Guisados are a daily inspiration. Their tacos are legend. Their people, like their fresh tortillas, are always warm. The owners, the De La Torres, are a family with their hearts square in the right place.

We’ve been waiting to tribute these fine neighbors, and the time has come. Father and son, Armando and Armando De La Torre Jr., worked with me to fine-tune two new flavors: horchata gelato and jamaica-mint sorbetto. Count me among the Guisados fans that consider their horchata the best in the city (and if you haven’t yet had it spiked with Stumptown cold brew, you’re in for a treat). I can’t reveal any secrets – theirs or ours – but the gelato is made from a reduction of sweetened rice milk, with cinnamon and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg. We kept a little bit of the rice grain in the gelato for a bit of texture.

Next, we were inspired by Guisado’s jamaica agua fresca. 

IMG_7251.JPG     IMG_7255.JPG

Made with ruby red hibiscus flowers, the drink is tangy and refreshing. For our dairy-free jamaica sorbetto, we steeped water in hibiscus flowers and blended in fresh mint. The result is, like the agua fresca, sweet, a touch sour and super refreshing. We invite you to stop in and try both flavors – and stop at Guisados for lunch or dinner first! #InTacosWeTrust

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