A window into our kitchen


When I was first dreaming up my gelateria, I knew from the beginning that there would be one key design feature: a big window into the kitchen.

People always ask where I'm going to get the gelato that we'll sell in the shop. Well, we're making it ourselves, of course. But I needed to make sure everyone knew that.

I hoped the window into our kitchen would let visitors peer into a warm and tidy kitchen where my team and I will make gelato daily. Through that window, they'll see us chopping strawberries destined to become strawberry sorbet, melting chocolate to turn into frozen ribbons for our stracciatella or pouring batter into our waffle iron to make cones.

We're still weeks away from actually making gelato in that kitchen, but today my vision for the window took a nice step forward. We installed the window. 




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  • commented 2014-07-24 13:53:18 -0700
    I would love that!