Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut

Two separate flavors, but when these two (in gelato form) come together, they complement each other VERY well. While the Kona coffee bean can be slightly expensive in comparison to other coffee beans, the end result is definitely worth it -- and I think it'll be very popular. The Kona coffee flavor is unique and has a smooth tasting, mocaccino-type quality to it (light chocolatey-espresso flavor). The macadamia nut has a lightly-sweet vanilla base with macadamia flavor infused throughout peppered with finely ground macadamia nut. These two flavors make me go insane for gelato and I would be beyond ecstatic if I found these in SoCal. Currently, the only place I can find these two flavors are in Hawai'i and every time I visit it's one of my first stops.


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