Gelateria Uli Display Case

Every day, we have 16 flavors in our case. We rotate flavors seasonally, and are always trying new ideas. We regularly feature an array of gelati and sorbetti (dairy free) including those listed below. Don't see what you want? Suggest a flavor.

Amaretto Peach sorbet (seasonal)
Banana chocolate (dark or white) Peanut butter (plain or with banana)
Basil Pear sorbet (seasonal)
Bee pollen Pineapple sorbet (seasonal)
Beer (IPA, other varieties) Pistachio (plain or salted)
Beet tarragon Plum sorbet (seasonal)
Blackberry sorbet Poblano
Bourbon Pumpkin spice
Cantaloupe sorbet Raspberry sorbet
Caramel corn Rice
Cherry sorbet (seasonal) Rosemary toasted hazelnuts
Chile chocolate Saffron (limited availability)
Chocolate (plain or with sea salt) Sea salt caramel
Chocolate sorbet Sesame halva
Chocolate stout Speculoos cookies
Coconut lemongrass Stracciatella
Coffee / espresso Strawberry sorbet
Fig balsamic with toasted almonds Strawberry balsamic
Gianduja Tarragon
Ginger Thai ice tea
Green tea matcha Tiramisu
Hazelnut Watermelon sorbet (seasonal)
Lemon sorbet White chocolate salted pumpkin seeds
Madagascar bourbon vanilla Yellow corn
Mango sorbet (seasonal) Yogurt lavender
Maple pecan Yogurt rose
Mint stracciatella Yogurt white cherry
Nectarine sorbet (seasonal) Zabaglione
Passion fruit sorbet (seasonal)  

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