Life & Thyme (& gelato)


Too many people are broadcasting content about food. There, I said it. The power that the internet gives us is immense, it is growing, and it is a gift to humanity. But just because you can publish a photo, or an essay, or a restaurant review, doesn't mean you should. There's just too much noise. Too much content without soul, or sincerity. In a crowded landscape of people using food-related content to get attention for themselves, one voice jumped out at me about two years ago - a humble online-only publication called Life & Thyme.

I don't remember how I discovered it, or even the first article I read, or the first photo that sucked me in. What I remember was a strong gut-feeling that this publication was deeply human. It was worthy of attention, but not attention-seeking. The collection of essays centered not really on food, but on people - the people dedicating their lives to caring for other people with food. It's food as community, not food as sport, or as celebrity.  


Fast forward to today, and Life & Thyme is now a quarterly print magazine. The universe collided us with Life & Thyme's publisher Antonio Diaz and his team of storytellers, and Gelateria Uli is on the cover of the latest issue. We often remind ourselves that our business, our craft of making the finest gelato and sorbet possible, revolves around community. We strive to care for our customers, but also for our farmers, our staff, our neighbors. We built our business in Downtown Los Angeles because it is our community - not because it was an up-and-coming real estate hot spot. Our values align so nicely with the voice of Life & Thyme, and this felt like a unique validation of our mission and style of business. 

We hope you'll pick up a copy at, or just stop in at the shop (we have print copies for sale at the register). 

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