New Flavor: Bee Pollen


We've seen, and made, gelato flavors that incorporate honey. But never have we seen a frozen dessert that features another ingredient made by honey bees: pollen. Bee pollen is considered by many to be a health food. It's rich in anti-oxidants. It's also very flavorful.

If you haven't had bee pollen, you should try it. It goes well in smoothies, or in cereal. It also happens to make a really nice gelato flavor. The taste is actually nothing like honey. In its raw unadorned state, it's not sweet at all. To me, it tastes nutty and a little floral, which makes sense since pollen is a collection of flower particles, collected on the legs of honey bees as they bounce from plant to plant.

It's pretty neat how bee-keepers harvest the little golden granules of pollen. The technique is shown in this video:

We get our pollen from Aunt Willie's Apiary in Bellflower, via the City Hall Farmer's Market in Downtown LA. Try the bee pollen gelato with one of our fruit sorbettos, like strawberry or lemon. 

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