New Flavor: Olive oil with black pepper and lemon


Olive oil is one of those ingredients that has crept its way toward popularity as an ice cream flavor. You'll see it on the menus of inventive ice cream joints. Often, we found that the flavor of the olive oil gets buried. So when working on this flavor, we knew we couldn't skimp on the olive oil. It wasn't enough for the gelato to remind us of olive oil. It had to punch us in the face with flavor. After a couple of weeks in the lab, I think we nailed it.

We used Corto's luscious, California olive oil. It's grassy, almost sweet. For the gelato, we added a gentle hint of cracked black pepper, and also a dusting of lemon zest to balance out the flavor. 


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  • commented 2016-08-27 12:43:28 -0700
    ooo that sounds good. Wonder what other flavors would be cool with black pepper… lemon?