New Flavor: Sesame Halva


Our new friend Rachel recently suggested tahini as a flavor and we instantly got excited. Tahini is essentially what you get when you take sesame seeds and grind them into a paste. It’s nutty, subtle and delicious.

Tahini is usually used as a dip, or dressing, in various savory cuisines. But it reminded us of a flavor we developed a while back, but hadn’t yet debuted in the case: halva.

Halva is a Middle Eastern confection made from sweetened sesame paste – it’s tahini’s sweet cousin. Halva is a soft, dry, but dense treat that is usually served with tea. It’s sometimes made with flour, but we prefer the sesame-based varieties.



As a gelato, it makes perfect sense. We tried to capture that distinct sesame nutty flavor, but unlike halva, which can be dry, the gelato delivers that taste in a creamy blanket.

Thanks Rachel for suggesting our new flavor, sesame halva. Since halva is often studded with pistachios, try pairing a scoop of our sesame halva with some pistachio gelato. 

For suggesting a flavor that we used, Rachel won a free pint.


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  • commented 2014-09-05 16:08:27 -0700
    This is the best gelato flavor I have ever tasted!!! Please keep in regular rotation. I had to buy a pint since it was not in the case.