New Flavor: Tarragon


Like many herbs used in cooking, tarragon usually functions as an accent. Its sharp, licorice-y flavor tends to be more of a grace note in buttery cream sauces, or fresh vegetable salads. Even in my gelato kitchen, tarragon has so far been used only as an accent to beets. In my family, we started many meals with plates of tomatoes, other fresh vegetables and a few handfuls of fresh herbs. Tarragon was my favorite. I love it on its own. 

So, we decided to feature tarragon in a new gelato flavor. We think it's really nice - licorice fans will especially appreciate the singular tarragon flavor. That said, it of course pairs very well. Try it with raspberry sorbet or stracciatella. If you are adventurous, try it in an affogato (espresso poured over gelato) - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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