Pre-Order Your July 4th Gelato Pie


We're taking pre-orders for the 4th of July gelato pies! These delicious pies made with crust from our much beloved vegan waffle cones were a big hit last year so we’re bringing them back. Choose from the following flavors for your Independence Day cook-outs:

Blueberry Pie: Combining the juiciest Murray Family Farms blueberry sorbet with our classic lemon sorbet, this pie is all vegan and so creamy, you won’t even know it.
Caramel Corn: Add our fan favorite sea salt caramel gelato to our one-of-a-kind sweet white corn gelato and you get this incredible pie, which tastes just like baseball and county fairs.
Peach Cobbler: And last, but not least, is this incredible mix of peach sorbet and our decadent sea salt chocolate. With each tasty bite, you’ll swear you’re eating frozen peach cobbler!

All pies will be available for pick-up on July 3rd at the location you specified!

Please use below link to pre-order your pie.


Select your pies

$40.00 Caramel Corn
sea salt caramel + sweet white corn
$40.00 Peach Cobbler
peach (Regier Farms) sorbet and sea salt chocolate gelato
$40.00 Blueberry and Lemon Pie
blueberry (Murray Family Farms) sorbet + lemon sorbet