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Gelateria Uli
Downtown & Beverly Grove
Silky-soft gelatos and sorbets with flavor profiles inspired by LA’s diversity
When owner Uli Nasibova traded in her finance career for frozen treats in 2014, no one could stop raving about her speculoos flavor, infused with crushed, caramelized bits of the beloved Belgian spice cookies. Now that it’s been five years since she opened her first location in downtown’s Spring Arcade -- often credited with helping usher in the area’s renaissance -- we’ve discovered that the rest of her rotating, made-on-site flavors are just as delicious. Profiles like ube, black sesame, and poblano are inspired by the city’s diverse communities; persimmon with almonds, pear rose, and olive oil represent the region’s seasonal produce; and stracciatella and pistachio pay homage to classic Italian gelatos.