Today's Flavors at Both Locations

These flavors are updated Monday through Friday - for weekend availability, feel free to call our stores (DTLA 213.537.0931 and West 3rd 323.424.3492).


Today's Flavors - DTLA (8/20/19)

Signature Flavors

  1. Speculoos Cookies
  2. Espresso with Chocolate Waffle Bits
  3. Yogurt with Cherry Jam
  4. Banana White Chocolate
  5. California Pistachio
  6. Sea Salt Caramel
  7. Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip)
  8. Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
  9. Jamaica Agua Fresca (Hibiscus) with Mint Sorbet (vegan)
  10. Coconut Lemongrass Sorbet (vegan)
  11. Fresh Mint Stracciatella (Mint Chocolate Chip)
  12. Sea Salt Chocolate 
  13. Vanilla 
  14. Strawberry Stracciatella (vegan)

Seasonal Flavors

  1. Black Sesame 
  2. Horchata 
  3. Thai Iced Tea
  4. Hazelnut 
  5. Peach Sorbet (vegan)
  6. Watermelon Sorbet (vegan)
  7. Basil
  8. Cucumber Sorbet (vegan)
  9. Sweet White Corn 
  10. Flavor King Pluot Sorbet (vegan) 

Today's Flavors - West 3rd Street (8/20/19) 

Signature Flavors

  1. Speculoos Cookies
  2. Espresso with Chocolate Waffle Bits
  3. Banana White Chocolate
  4. California Pistachio
  5. Sea Salt Caramel
  6. Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip)
  7. Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
  8. Jamaica Agua Fresca (Hibiscus) with Mint Sorbet (vegan)
  9. Cucumber Sorbet (vegan)
  10. Yogurt with Cherry Jam 
  11. Fresh Mint Stracciatella

Seasonal Flavors

  1. Basil
  2. Black Sesame
  3. Watermelon Sorbet (vegan)
  4. Peach Sorbet (vegan)
  5. Sweet White Corn 
  6. Flavor King Pluot Sorbet (vegan)


Pairing Suggestions:

Our base size is a SMALL, which consists of two flavors. It is intentional because we want you to experience two flavors in a pairing. Below are some suggestions that have become customer favorites:

  1. Jamaica Agua Fresca (Hibiscus) with Mint Sorbet + Chocolate Sorbet -> Hibiscus and Chocolate is a marriage made in heaven, plus this combo is vegan
  2. Hazelnut Affogato (One scoop of Hazelnut + double-shot of espresso) -> Hazelnut balances perfectly with our espresso 
  3. Horchata Cold Brew Float (Bold cold brew coffee poured over creamy Horchata gelato) -> This a very refreshing, light pairing that adds notes of cinnamon and vanilla to your favorite cold coffee drink. 
  4. Yogurt with Cherry Jam + Chocolate sorbet -> A romantic pairing that is reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries
  5. Sweet White Corn + Sea Salt Caramel -> Kettle Corn anyone?

Some rules of thumb:

  1. Classic flavors such as Pistachio, Chocolate or Stracciatella go well with everything.
  2. The salt in Sea Salt Caramel highlights any other flavor it pairs with.